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4 U We Do Sidecar Tours

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Are you ready for some serious fun? Seduce your senses with these sensational sidecar tours in WA’s best-kept-secret tourist destination.


Feel the cool, ocean-fed breezes caress your face as you swoop and soar along the road, gently massaging away the stresses and strains of everday life.

Savour the smells of the bush and beach bays in this open air experience. Listen to the symphony of sounds adding to the feeling of harmony with your surroundings; an orchestra of valve-gear percussion, blurbling exhaust, thrumming tyres and flute-like eddies of air around your head. Marvel at the feast of colours in azure seas and skies, silver beaches and grey-green bush - your eyes will ache with the beauty they see.

An unforgettable expereince which will find its way into the memory bank.

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