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The 1s, The 0s, And Everything In Between

Civic Centre , Entertainment location: At Esperance Civic Centre Council Pl, Esperance WA 6450, Australia

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Wednesday 12th August
7:00 - 8:15pm

Esperance Civic Centre Council Pl, Esperance WA 6450, Australia

Cost: Tickets $17.50

Tags: entertainment , technology , digital era , communication

Esperance Civic Centre presents The 1s, the 0s and Everything in Between, Written By Chris Isaacs. Produced by Riptide Youth Performance Company, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre & Australian Theatre of Young People. Proudly supported by Lotterywest.

In this moment millions of interactions are taking place. We are chatting, texting, debating, liking, sharing, creating and selling more of ourselves than ever before. Never before in human history have we been able to overcome distance and remain so close.

The 1s, the 0s, and Everything in Between invites you into a vortex of digital construction and communication. Written by award-winning WA playwright Chris Isaacs, this new play explores how the rapidly changing ways of our world intensifies our human need for connection.

This successful new work, originally performed in 2018 at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, will return for a WA tour after a co-production with the Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney at Griffin Theatre in June 2020.


“Everything about this production was brilliant – from the poignant, funny and shockingly relatable script and clever set, to the innovative staging and flawless performances.”

“The ensemble worked with Isaacs (an award-winning WA playwright), giving their thoughts and opinions on communication and how technology affects the way we connect with each other. This helps to explain why their performances appeared so natural and authentic; it was a case of their youth being an asset rather than a hurdle. I sincerely hope it can be restaged to a new and bigger audience.”

Duration 75 mins | Recommended 15+ Warning: the script contains adult concepts and swearing.

PURCHASE TICKETS online at, tickets also available from Shire Administration, Esperance Library and Visitor Centre.

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