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Esperance Garage Sale Trail

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Saturday 20th October - Sunday 21st October

Cost: Free!

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Choose to reuse and join 400,000 Australians as part of the Nation's biggest ever weekend of garage sales.

Host a sale: Declutter, make some money and meet the locals. Households, schools, community groups or even entire streets can get involved. Register for free at and list your sale on the trail plus get tips, tricks and free promotional materials.

Shop the trail: Find bargains and unearth unique treasures in your neighbourhood. Plan your weekend and search for items and sales near you at

The Garage Sale Trail is a multi-award winning sustainability and community campaign powered by local councils and will be held on October 20 & 21. This will mean a full weekend of fun for our community with the Annual Agricultural Show being on 19 & 20. Why not hit the sales in the morning before heading to the Show on Saturday? Or have a great start to your Sunday scouring the bargains to be found around Esperance.

Have a house full of gear you don’t need? A Garage Sale is a great way to reuse and recycle our unwanted items while decluttering our homes and hopefully putting some money in our pockets. The Garage Sale Trail is aimed at bringing communities together and promoting reuse.

- 379,959 Australians participated in the event in 2017
- Each sale on the Trail redistributes ¼ tonne of pre-loved household items including furniture and clothing
- The event gets residents hosting a garage sale for the very first time - 72% of those who took part in 2017 had not previously had a garage sale
- Those hosting sales get to know their neighbours and make an average of 50 new connections locally
- Almost 70% of those who participate are more likely to reduce waste after the weekend event

• 15 Individual Sales, 3 Group Sales and 30 Stalls (we had over 30 Individual sales in 2016)
• An average of 2 households were involved in each household sale
• 1825 Items were listed
• 51% of items most reused was furniture
• $424 is the average amount made per household sale

The Trail aims to highlight the ways in which the small actions we all take as individuals can make a big difference to our community and our environment.

Registrations for Garage Sale Trail open on August 10 and it is free.

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