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Wills & Deceased Estate Seminars - Public Trustee

General Events location: At Esperance Civic Centre Council Pl, Esperance WA 6450, Australia

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Monday 14th October - Tuesday 15th October
5:30 - 7:00pm

Esperance Civic Centre Council Pl, Esperance WA 6450, Australia

Cost: FREE

Claire Sharman

1300 746 116

The Public Trustee is visiting Esperance and Hopetoun to host free community talks to encourage people to make legally valid Wills and to provide the community with a better understanding of the deceased estate administrative process.

Join us for this relaxed and informative session where we will also discuss safeguarding decision-making in later life by preparing an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA), Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG), Advance Health Directive or by applying for Guardian & Administration Orders.

What really happens if you die without a valid Will? - Who can challenge your Will? - What do executors and administrators do? - Benefits and risks of Enduring Powers versus Guardianship & Administration orders.

All these questions will be discussed to help you make informed choices about your future.

ESPERANCE Date/Time: Monday 14 October 2019 - 5.30pm-7pm

Location: Esperance Civic Centre

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL or phone 1300 746 116 

Complimentary refreshments served 15 minutes before each session time.

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