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Under the Boardwalk - Keep Esperance Beautiful

General Events location: At West Beach Twilight Beach Road

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On November 10, 2019 Save to calendar

West Beach Twilight Beach Road

Cost: Free



Surfers and Westies lovers, please come on down to join us. We’re coming together to clean up under the boardwalk.

Meeting at 10am on Sunday the 10th of November for Under the Boardwalk - an annual event!

The surfing community recently approached Noel expressing their concern about the litter that is dropped over the rail down the embankment at West Beach.

A popular place to watch our local surfers and enjoy our golden sunsets.

This litter eventually ends up in our oceans and harming wildlife. Not to mention, it ruins the view.

Afterwards let’s have a display of all your surfboards leaning against the rail, followed by a paddle out.

For more information please contact Noel on 0412279181

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