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Cindy Poole Glass Artist -Gallery Experiences

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Discover, Create and Experience the World of Glass in Esperance, Western Australia.

Visitors to Esperance should not miss a visit to Cindy Poole Glass Artist– 'Gallery Experience,' Stop at this local and sustainability-focused eco-tourist attraction that celebrates Esperance's stunning beauty on your drive around the Great Ocean Drive—or take the 5-minute drive from town. Creative design and authentic craftsmanship converge within layers of glass to embody and celebrate the stunning natural beauty of the Western Australian environment and pay homage to nature, offering a unique way to see the world through glass.

Discover the techniques and backstories of the diverse range of kiln-formed art glass and recycled glass products- including public artworks, wearable art, sculpture, contemporary jewellery and stunning décor by a single glass artist in Australia. Embrace the innovative approach to sustainability solutions, zero waste, and the circular economy and reimagine the value and scope of product use associated with upcycled and recycled glass bottle waste

Cindy and her Creative Team have taken the studio (Est 1995), work-shop and their talents out of the traditional gallery format to present a new integrated retail, educational, and experiential curated space. The nominal first-time 'Experience' entry will allow a leisurely browse of the stunning pieces of stylish glassware, jewellery and home decor crafted and designed on-site using art glass and glass bottle waste as the raw material. Gain a deeper understanding of the transformative nature of glass and its endlessly recyclable and aesthetic attributes. Enjoy the luxury of high-quality, beautiful souvenirs, office, home and personalised gift options whilst supporting sustainable design and Australian-Made. Book a ‘Discover’ or Discover & Ceate’ personalised tour to gain behind-the-scenes work-shop access and hands-on experience to make an Esperance memento.


WHO WE ARE' We use glass as our vessel to pay homage to nature's beauty by bringing ideas and concepts to life and transforming them into purposeful, beautiful objects and experiences that can be meaningful, be shared, make a positive impact on our planet and enrich the lives of others.' 'We believe that art can be a catalyst for change towards a more sustainable future, nourishes the soul, can enrich the lives of others and that everyone deserves the opportunity to derive pleasure through an artistic medium. We value creative, sustainable design and strive to pursue artistic glass excellence'.

We offer a range of authentic, handcrafted, beautiful objects and creative experiences. Each captures the essence of Western Australia's raw beauty, allows you and your home to look good, is purposeful, can be meaningful and shared, and connects you to a time, place, or experience.

Join us at the forefront of eco-tourism as we explore circular economy and zero waste thinking to challenge perspectives, redefine value, and product use for upcycled and recycled glass bottle waste! We offer a range of eco and art tourism experiences to allow visitors to UNEARTH OUR GALLERY'S SECRETS AND GAIN ACCESS TO FIRST-CLASS INSIGHT AND A HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE INTO ‘OUR WORLD OF GLASS. Explore the transformative process of glass kiln-forming, the artwork's making, and how Cindy's creative and innovative design approach supports Zero Waste and has shaped the business into the Cindy Poole Glass Artist brand it represents today. Winner of the 2014 & 2015 Esperance Chamber of Commerce & Industry Best Tourism Business Experience. Share the studio space of awarded glass artist Cindy Poole and gain insight into the unique and diverse techniques used to make contemporary kiln-formed glass objects.

* Extensive range of unique glass artworks * Behind the scenes of the Esperance Whale Tail Sculpture * Designer glass jewellery * Local eco-gifts , Esperance mementoes and keepsakes & sand-filled glass souvenirs from our whitest beaches in Australia * Unique eco handiworks, handcrafted gifts for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, pet and house-sitting thank you gifts . * Corporate Awards / Trophies Group bookings by arrangement. Open six days/week, 1 pm to 4 pm. (Closed Sundays and public holidays).

Hours: Cindy Poole Glass Artist - Gallery Experiences is open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm (closed Sunday and public holidays)

Map & Directions

23 Longbottom Lane, Esperance, Australia 6450


5 minutes from town just off Great Ocean Drive. 1st on left Longbottom Lane (200m from Pink Lake Rd end)

Available to open by arrangement for individuals, small groups gatherings / events. ph 0427714059 or 90714059