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Tucked away and waiting for you to discover them, Esperance has some brilliant natural ocean pools. When the tides are right, they’re perfect for families with small children as the water is usually calm and shallow. Please refer to the Great Ocean Drive Map for the location of the beaches mentioned below.

West Beach

West Beach has two large reefs which, when the tides are right, create natural ocean pools. Please keep in mind that in certain conditions waves may wash over the reefs and there could be strong currents present, making the pools potentially unsafe.


Nine Mile Beach

Wander down the stairs to access rock pools perfect exploring and snorkelling. Some rocks are rather sharp, so make sure you take your thongs.


Ten Mile Lagoon

Good for swimming and fishing, this beach is also the access point to ‘Free Beach’, where clothing is optional.


Eleven Mile Beach

Great for a swim in the calm lagoon or a wander through the rock pools.